Some helpful information

If your pet is having an operation at Blenheim Veterinary Centre and you're not sure what to expect, here's the steps you need to take before the procedure and after the procedure.

To get started, either visit us at the surgery or phone us to book a slot in the operations diary. You will also be asked to book an ‘admit’ appointment (normally between 8.30am and 9.00am) with one of our Veterinary Surgeons. They will weigh and check your pet over to see that it is healthy enough for the anaesthetic and ask you some questions about its health; you will also have the opportunity to discuss the operation. You will be asked to sign a consent form outlining the operation; please leave a telephone number where we can contact you on that day.

If you have an elderly pet, you may be interested in having a pre-op blood test that will let us know whether it is safe for your pet to have an anaesthetic. The price for this is currently £74.90 (as of January 2023).

The Night Before 

Before a general anaesthetic or sedation, dogs and cats should have no food (including milk) after 9.00pm on the night before the operation. Please ensure cats are kept inside to stop them hunting. They can have a small amount of water in the morning. If they have eaten, we may not be able to admit them on that day. Rabbits and guinea pigs should not have their food withheld before an operation and should be offered food and water as normal.

On the Day

  • Please ensure dogs and cats have the opportunity to go to the toilet before they come to the surgery on the morning of the operation.
  • Be reassured that while your pet is with us, we will do our very best to make sure he/she is as happy and settled as possible along with being clean, warm and comfortable.
  • We will telephone you when your pet has come round from the anaesthetic (or sooner, if there is anything we need to discuss with you). However, if you haven’t heard from us by 2.00pm, please telephone us for an update. Please note, some pets take longer than others to come round from their anaesthetic.
  • Collection appointments are usually on the same day between 4.00pm and 6.00pm. We normally keep animals here until then to ensure they are well enough to go home.

Occasionally, your pet will need to stay with us for one or more days after the operation.  You will be consulted if we feel that transferring for overnight care to Vets Now who can offer a greater level of care that we are able to.

The Following Days

  • In the day or two following the operation, try and keep your pet calm and quiet and allow it some time to heal. Lead-only exercise for dogs is normally recommended.
  • Two to four days after the operation, you will be asked to bring your pet back to the surgery for a post-op check. This is to ensure that your pet is healing properly and the wound site hasn’t become swollen or infected. In addition to this, some animals will need to make another appointment to remove stitches or staples some days after this.
  • The post-op check/stick removal appointments are included in the price of the operation; however, a charge will be made for any further medication or treatment.

If at any time you are worried about your pet or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the surgery. We endeavour to keep you informed regarding the costs of operations.