Overnight Care

Some helpful information

Your pet may need to stay with us overnight for a number of reasons, including:

  • Intensive care
  • Post-operative recovery
  • Whelping and kittening
  • Stabilisation procedures, e.g. for diabetics

The responsibility for each animal lies with the veterinary surgeon for each case, working alongside the vet who is on call. The on-call vet (always an employee of Blenheim Veterinary Centre) will be the vet that checks the animal during the night.

If your animal needs to stay overnight with us here at Blenheim Veterinary Centre, they will be checked regularly throughout the night.

The number and timing of checks made on a patient throughout the night is dependent on their condition. For example, if the patient is receiving IV fluids, checks will be more frequently done. The number of checks is at the discretion of the veterinary surgeon in charge of that particular case.

All inpatients will have hospital charts kept throughout their stay recording their progress.

All animals will be kept in our cat or dog ward, supplied with Vetbed bedding and kennel liners and fed a suitable diet (if appropriate) as directed by the vet.

Every effort will be made to make their stay as clean and comfortable as possible.

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Emergency Details

Please call:

01335 342111

Find us here:

Blenheim Road Airfield Industrial Estate Ashbourne DE6 1HA Appointments only but emergencies will be seen at any time. There is plenty of free parking at the front and rear of the surgery. We do our own out-of-hours work to ensure that even in the middle of the night you see a vet you know and trust.
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Please call this number for emergencies:

01335 342111