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Overnight Care

Some helpful information

We have recently reviewed our methods for providing care for your pet Out of Hours (OOH). After careful and lengthy consideration, we have decided to partner with Vets Now who specialise in providing dedicated out of hours care at nights and weekends. Vets Now has operated emergency clinics in DerbyStoke on Trent and Alfreton for some time now and we trust they will provide you with an excellent service countrywide. Providing the best care to our clients at all times is our priority both now and in the future.

We would ask you to understand that this has been an incredibly difficult decision that we have been forced to make and we believe that working with Vets Now will allow us to raise the quality of service that we provide to you day and night.

We will be continuing to provide overnight care for some patients that are with us at the end of the day on a case by case basis. If, after discussion with you, we feel that more intensive Veterinary and Nursing care is required we will arrange for the transport of your pet to a Vets Now premises.

Using the Vets Now service is easy. If you require Veterinary assistance OOH, simply telephone us or telephone your closest Vets Now.

As is the case with us, there are additional charges for OOH services and Vets Now will talk with you about their fees throughout the process. 

Vets Now will begin providing our Out of Hours cover on 31 August 2019.

Specific details of the times Vets Now will be providing Out of Hours cover on our behalf are:

  • Monday 6.30pm - Tuesday 8.15am
  • Tuesday 6.30pm - Wednesday 8.15am
  • Wednesday 6.30pm - Thursday 8.15am
  • Thursday 6.30pm - Friday 8.15am
  • Friday 6.30pm - Saturday 8.15am
  • Saturday 12:30pm - Monday 8.15am


If your pet stays with us overnight:

Please note that number and timing of checks made on a patient throughout the night is dependent on their condition. For example, if the patient is receiving IV fluids, checks will be more frequently done. The number of checks is at the discretion of the veterinary surgeon in charge of that particular case.  All inpatients will have hospital charts kept throughout their stay recording their progress.  All animals will be kept in our cat or dog ward, supplied with quality bedding and kennel liners and fed a suitable diet (if appropriate) as directed by the vet.  Every effort will be made to make their stay as clean and comfortable as possible.